Fund Board

The Board consists of 9 Directors. The DSA Fund Board elects its members to staggered two-year terms. At least four of the Directors are women, at least two of the Directors self-identify as members of racial or national minorities, and at least one was age 30 or under as of the date the director was elected.

DSA Fund Board Members

Theresa Alt

Theresa Alt has been on the DSA Fund Board since 1993 and is now the only Fund Board member who is also on the DSA National Political Committee. She is active locally in her Ithaca NY DSA chapter; in electoral campaigns; and in living wage, affordable housing, and single payer work. She does public access videos and programs on community radio.

Michael Bennett (Chair)

Michael Bennett is the Chair of the DSA Fund Board and the Managing Co-Editor of Radical Teacher. Professor Emeritus of English at Long Island University (Brooklyn), he is the author of several books and articles on African American Studies, urban cultural ecology, and radical pedagogy. Mike joined DSA in the 1980s, as an outgrowth of his involvement with Divestment from South Africa, Central American solidarity, and other left movements.

Bianca Cunningham

Bianca Cunningham organized with her Verizon wireless co-workers to join Communication Workers of America in 2014. She alongside others bargained the contract for over a year before going out on strike for 49 days in 2016. She was fired for her organizing and went to work in District 1 while her case was pending at the NLRB. The decision that she was illegally fired and should be returned to work was overturned by the DC Circuit Court. She joined Labor Notes as a staff organizer with a focus on training development. Bianca is the co-chair of NYC-DSA and a co-founder of the AfroSocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus.

David Duhalde

David Duhalde is a DC-based political and socialist activist. He is the current Political Director of Our Revolution – a progressive political action organization inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign to continue his campaign’s legacy. Prior to joining Our Revolution, Duhalde worked for Democratic Socialists of America, serving on the NPC, the Fund Board, and as their Deputy Director.

Virginia Franco

Virginia Franco became a DSA member when it was founded in 1982. Sometime later, she became a member of the DSA National Political Committee. By then, she had become a solid activist during her return back to college at SDSU where she met a few important DSA faculty professors. As an activist and school teacher, involved with DSA, she was asked to join the DSA Fund Board, on which she has served for a number of years.

David Green

David Green is a neurologist in private practice in Farmington Hills, Mi. He served on DSA’s NPC for many years. He was the Chair of Detroit DSA from 1996-2018; later, became a member of the DSA National Political Committee.

Frank Llewellyn (Secretary-Treasurer)

Frank Llewellyn was one of the original incorporators of the Institute for Democratic Socialism which later became the Democratic Socialists of America Fund. A lifelong activist and socialist he served Democratic Socialists of America in New York City since the organization was founded. He served on its National Political Committee and as its National Director for more than ten years. He is currently the Treasurer of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress.

Sam Miemczewski

Sam Miemczewski was a founding member of the West Suburban Illinois chapter and the National Ecosocialist Working Group. She currently facilitates National new member calls and is on the steering committee of her local chapter. She is in the social services field and is a strong advocate for housing as a human right and mental health.

Maxine Phillips

Maxine Phillips is a former national director of DSA, a former NPC member, the former executive editor of Dissent magazine, and the current volunteer editor of Democratic Left. She is a co-editor of the Religious Socialism site. She joined the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee in 1977 after hearing about it during a discussion group at church on corporate capitalism. In New York City, she is active with the NYC Religious Socialism Working Group and the New Sanctuary Coalition.


  • Budget & Finance: Theresa Alt, Michael Bennett, Bianca Cunningham, Frank Llewellyn
  • Grants: David Duhalde, Virginia Franco, David Green, Sam Miemczewski, Maxine Phillips

Working Groups


Theresa Alt, Alison Baldree, Michael Bennett, Heidi Chua, David Duhalde, Virginia Franco, Maxine Phillips

This working group focuses on the internal and external communications of the DSA Fund. The former might include streamlining the budgeting and grants processes; creating conduits for communication between meetings; working out long-term meeting schedules; and making minutes, orientation materials, and documents available on our Google Docs site. The latter might include updating our website, publishing our board membership information, and housing and disseminating documents for a wider audience.


Michael Bennett, Heidi Chua, Bianca Cunningham, David Duhalde, Virginia Franco, David Green, Frank Llewellyn, Maxine Phillips

This working group pursues various avenues for organizing educational events and disseminating materials: A Speakers’ Bureau, training modules, reading-centered events, promoting and/or distributing educational materials. In pursuing these goals, we work on transparency and partnering, as much as possible, in concert with various local and national DSA groups, whether through grants, channeling ideas/programs from others, or providing model programs for others.


Alison Baldree, Michael Bennett, Heidi Chua, Frank Llewellyn, Sam Miemczewski

This working group is devoted to the fundraising mission of the DSA Fund. Our goals might include planning house parties, educational events with a fundraising component, seeking grants, suggesting projects, establishing a pledge program, and other means of raising resources. In pursuing these goals, we work on transparency and on partnering, as much as possible, in concert with various local and national DSA groups, whether through grants, channeling ideas/programs from others, or providing model programs for others


Read the bylaws of the DSA Fund here.