Fund Board

The Board consists of 9 Directors. The DSA Fund Board elects its members to staggered two-year terms. At least four of the Directors are women, at least two of the Directors self-identify as members of racial or national minorities, and at least one was age 30 or under as of the date the director was elected.

DSA Fund Board Members

Theresa Alt (Secretary-Treasurer)

Theresa Alt has been on the DSA Fund Board since 1993 and is now the only Fund Board member who is also on the DSA National Political Committee. She is active locally in her Ithaca NY DSA chapter; in electoral campaigns; and in living wage, affordable housing, and single payer work. She does public access videos and programs on community radio.

Yael Bridge

Yael Bridge is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker. Most recently she directed THE BIG SCARY “S” WORD about the history and resurgence of socialism in the US, now streaming on Hulu. She is currently finishing a short film about the UTLA teacher strike of 2019, WHEN WE FIGHT. She proudly serves as the co-chair of the Labor Committee at the Documentary Producers Alliance. She resides in Oakland, where she works as a filmmaker and film educator.

Bianca Cunningham

Bianca Cunningham organized with her Verizon wireless co-workers to join Communication Workers of America in 2014. She alongside others bargained the contract for over a year before going out on strike for 49 days in 2016. She was fired for her organizing and went to work in District 1 while her case was pending at the NLRB. The decision that she was illegally fired and should be returned to work was overturned by the DC Circuit Court. She joined Labor Notes as a staff organizer with a focus on training development. Bianca is the co-chair of NYC-DSA and a co-founder of the AfroSocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus.

David Duhalde (Chair)

David Duhalde is a long-time democratic socialist activist, starting as a campus activist with what is now called Young Democratic Socialists of America. Since then, he has served as DSA’s National Youth Organizer and Deputy Director. Duhalde also served as political director of the Bernie Sanders-inspired Our Revolution.

David Green

David Green is a neurologist in private practice in Farmington Hills, Mi. He served on DSA’s NPC for many years. He was the Chair of Detroit DSA from 1996-2018; later, became a member of the DSA National Political Committee.

Frank Llewellyn

Frank Llewellyn was one of the original incorporators of the Institute for Democratic Socialism which later became the Democratic Socialists of America Fund. A lifelong activist and socialist he served Democratic Socialists of America in New York City since the organization was founded. He served on its National Political Committee and as its National Director for more than ten years. He is currently the Treasurer of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress.

Maxine Phillips

Maxine Phillips is a former national director of DSA, a former NPC member, the former executive editor of Dissent magazine, and the current volunteer editor of Democratic Left. She is a co-editor of the Religious Socialism site. She joined the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee in 1977 after hearing about it during a discussion group at church on corporate capitalism. In New York City, she is active with the NYC Religious Socialism Working Group and the New Sanctuary Coalition.

Chris Riddiough (Vice Chair)

Christine Riddiough was a founding member of DSA. She was an activist in the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union, the first and largest of the socialist feminist women’s organizations of the 1970s. She was a member of the New American Movement and has been active in the LGBTQ movement over the last 40 years. She has served as political director of DSA and as a member of the DSA National Committee. She lives in Washington, DC and teaches computer programming and statistics.

Russell Weiss-Irwin

Russell Weiss-Irwin lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where he teaches middle school and is active in his union and his Baptist Church, and co-chairs the Boston DSA Labor Working Group. He joined DSA in 2014, when he was a student and YDSA member at City College of New York, and then co-founded Central Jersey DSA in 2015, and served on DSA’s National Political Committee from 2015 to 2017. He loves cooking and biking and working to build a world free of capitalism and oppression.


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