Upcoming Event:

Meditation and Organizing for Social Justice

Presented by DSA Buddhist Circle & DSA Religious Socialism

Co-Sponsored by the DSA Fund

Tuesday, September 13 @ 8PM ET

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Are you feeling burned out as an activist?
Do you want to do even more but worry that you’d be setting yourself up for more exhaustion?

You’ve probably heard about meditation as a way to combat burnout and increase your capacity for
whatever you’re doing. But you don’t think it’s for you. Or, you may be a longtime practitioner who
would like to bring this tool to your friends and colleagues.

Members of the Buddhist Circle of the Democratic Socialists of America Religion and Socialism Working
Group invite you to join three members who found that meditation saved them from cynicism and despair and increased their ability to work within DSA and in the wider community. Come hear their stories, discover different ways to meditate, and participate in a group meditation.

Watch the second event in the DSA Fund’s series on How We Win, where you’ll get an inside look at worker rights campaigns in Portland, Maine; New York City; and Austin, Texas. In a time of growing labor solidarity and union recognition campaigns, what else can democratic socialists do to achieve worker justice victories?

Panelists will respond to audience questions and discuss the longer view of what coalitions and governments can do—nationally and locally—to strengthen worker rights and labor justice, and to organize toward an economy that meets the needs of all, not profits for the few.

Watch the first event in the How We Win series where we’ll get an inside look at successful housing justice campaigns in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; Charlottesville, VA; and New York—what democratic socialist organizers and coalitions did to achieve these victories, and what it takes to implement those wins as effective policy.

Panelists discuss their respective housing campaigns, strategies that worked (and didn’t), what they won (so far), and what happens next. They’ll respond to your questions and discuss the longer view of where they see we need to go now to win on good housing as a right and ways we can work to get there.

Not Dead Yet: Ending Ageism

The past two years of the pandemic have revealed in stark terms how ageism affects access to services including health care. This virtual event will explore the intersection of ageism and capitalism and activists’ efforts to address discrimination based on age.

Panelists will include Margaret Morganroth Gullette, author of Ending Ageism, or How Not to Shoot Old People, Susan Chacin, long-term feminist activist, and Paul Garver, retired labor leader.

Our Purpose

The Democratic Socialists of America Fund is a 501(c)3 fund devoted to public education and outreach about democratic socialism. The DSA Fund endeavors to demonstrate how an awareness of social democratic and democratic socialist values and policies would strengthen the quality of policy debates in the U.S. The Fund also works to introduce young activists to the history and traditions of democratic socialism.

Fund Activities

  • Promotes greater public understanding and appreciation of the history and traditions of democratic socialism in the United States and the world and greater public understanding of the achievements of individual democratic socialists and institutions with a democratic socialist tradition
  • Makes foreign democratic socialists aware of the history and traditions of democratic socialism in the United States
  • Provides a forum for democratic socialists to meet and exchange ideas on the nature of democratic socialism
  • Encourages democratic socialists to study and analyze American society and its institutions and to make the results of such studies known to the public
  • Makes grants to the national organization of Democratic Socialists of America for its educational work, especially among young people
  • Publishes educational material and develops video and audio material about democratic socialism
  • Solicits tax-deductible donations for the work of the Fund
  • Conducts training programs both to educate participants about democratic socialism and to enable participants to educate others


The Democratic Socialists of America Fund was originally established in 1978 as the Institute for Democratic Socialism (IDS). Michael Harrington, who became famous for his 1962 work The Other America, was a founder of IDS as well as its sister organization, the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (now merged into Democratic Socialists of America/DSA). IDS’s mission, like that of the DSA Fund today, was to help spread democratic socialist ideals through educational materials and activist training.

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